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50 George Square

50 George Square
The Edinburgh University building at 50 George Square was designed by Robert Matthew, Johnston-Marshall and Partners, and completed in 1970. It is Category B listed and forms part of the Category A listed grouping, which also includes the David Hume Tower, (DHT). This grouping is one of the key examples of Scottish Modernism. The DHT grouping of buildings are linked at the ground floor by the DHT basement.

 As well as the works to 50 George Square this project involves the re-modeling and refurbishment of the DHT basement to provide a state of the art teaching cluster and catered study space.

Not withstanding the historical importance of 50 George Square in the overall DHT setting, the same could not be said of its interior environment, particularly its internal circulation system. Crucial to the new interior works was that they addressed the issues that had reduced the quality of the interior circulation system and at the same time exploited the aspect of the rooms around the edge, which remain the buildings best aspect. The interior insertions can be summarised as follows:

The design intention was to introduce timber linings within the building to create a library type environment, (appropriate for the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures) and to use top light to reflect off the timber to create a “soft” light for the interior spaces.

·       A new main stair and atrium space with rooflights over has been inserted opening up and naturally lighting the heart of the building plan.

·       A clear circulation and central spine philosophy is used again to bring light into the centre of the building allowing user orientation.

·       Timber linings link offices located around the building’s edge, maintaining the original design philosophy.

 The development has been designed to have a low energy and CO2 emissions impact. It is being assessed to the BREEAM 2008 Education standard and has a target rating of “Excellent.

PROJECT: 50 George Square
LOCATION: Edinburgh
CLIENT: University of Edinburgh
50 George Square
50 George Square
50 George Square

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