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ASA front cover

Urban Realm’s 2018 Architecture Annual is dominated by two larger than life projects which place Scottish architecture (if not Scottish architects) firmly on the international map.

With the V&A Dundee Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has achieved the seemingly impossible by pulling off a Bilbao-style attraction with which to reignite fire in the belly of every true Dundonian, by opening up a fresh a perspective of a waterfront city breaking free of jute, jam and journalism cliches.

The V&A is joined by a North East temple of a different kind after London-based Richard Rogers & Partners brought their trademark hi-tech style deep into the Speyside countryside for The Macallan Distillery & Visitor Experience. A rolling tribute to the romance of whisky making it shows that modern architecture can be just as entwined in the mythos of spirit making as pagodas and cart horses.

In truth this work sits as the merest tip of an iceberg of content, best appreciated by a leisurely browse. There are plenty of surprises nestling amongst their number which we have carefully compiled from online entries, sparing you from further screen time in the process. There is much to appreciate here so from here on in we will allow the architecture to do the talking!

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