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Urban Realm is the leading magazine for the architectural, design and specifying industries in Scotland.

The aim of Urban Realm is to:

  • Be the voice of architecture in Scotland
  • Provide a platform for the industry to debate the issues of the day
  • Be a vital source of information on products and services
  • To remind the world at large that good design adds value not cost

Established formerly Prospect
Published since 1922, Prospect is one of the UK’s oldest architectural magazines. As a result, it has earned a lot of respect in the industry and is one of the most authoritative publications for architects in Scotland. Urban Realm has undergone a series of transformations over the decades, and is now widely recognised as one of the leading architecture and design publications in the UK. Urban Realm is produced on a quarterly basis. Prospect changed it's name to Urban Realm in 2009.

High design values
Urban Realm is a colourful, vibrant and contemporary looking magazine. The high design and production values of Urban Realm set it apart from other publications. This is crucial when targeting such a design led group of professionals and clients.

Blanket coverage
Urban Realm is aimed at those people who have a genuine and serious interest in architecture, whether that is the buildings themselves, the clients and communities they serve or the people that work with, for or supply to the influential architectural profession. As a result, Urban Realm goes to a number of different target markets:

Urban Realm goes to every architectural practice in Scotland and enjoys a blanket coverage that no other title can deliver in this geographical area.
Developers & Clients
Urban Realm is circulated to regular clients of architecture including leading developers, local planning authorities, housing associations and key private specifiers and opinion formers.
Allied Professions
Urban Realm is also read by people in allied professions such as main contractors and the suppliers to the architectural profession.

Urban Realm is also available in selected specialist retail outlets throughout Scotland.

Architecture Scotland Annual
Showcases the best new and refurbished buildings in Scotland. Architects are invited to submit new projects along with images to the New Buildings section on the website. The projects are then considered for inclusion in the book around May, with the book published in September.

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