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The current issue of Urban Realm contains articles on:

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  • Crosshill Terrace
    The Fife village of Wormit has a new des res courtesy of Ged and Joanna Young of Aim Design who have crafted a hilltop white knight that raises the bar of Dundonian domesticity. Urban Realm tours a striking home that offers spectacular views of a fast-changing city and jealous views from the street.
  • UR100
    Thrusting verticality defines Urban Realm’s top 100 practices from summit to foothills. Painstakingly assembled over the past 12 months the exhaustive grouping charts the highs and higher stills of an industry in fine fettle. Read on to find out who has risen to the heightened challenges of a world in flux.
  • Hydropower
    Recent floods have once again Illustrated the power of Mother Nature to disrupt lives but also show the untapped potential of a resource which could play a crucial role in meeting climate commitments. We look at the prospects for a new generation of hydropower.
  • V&A Dundee
    A celebration of art and architecture is set to swap the canals of Venice for the River Tay with news that Scotland’s contribution to the 18th Venice Biennale is returning home to Dundee next Year. We look ahead at what to expect from an exhibition that unites landscape and language.
  • Visual Copyright
    An image is often said to be worth a thousand words but if a few of those go unsaid what does that say about ownership? In a mood for change, the visualisation industry is pushing for greater acknowledgement of their work by uniting behind a common copyright charter. We look at the implications for disseminating the work of others.
  • National Gallery
    Homegrown art has a new backdrop courtesy of a basement gallery carved out of the undercroft of the National Gallery of Scotland. Offering views as dramatic as those within the Scottish collection gallery takes the appreciation of art to a new level while improving connectivity with Princes Street.
  • Scottish Slate
    Talk of restarting slate production on Luing, the largest of Scotland's ‘slate islands’, has sparked hopes for quarrying renaissance. We travel to the village of Cullipool to see how the project could pave the way towards an island revival while reducing supply chains and improving the character of heritage buildings.
  • Port of Leith Distillery
    Scottish whisky production has been on a high as capacity ramps up to quench a global thirst for the national drink. That rise has been given physical form with the completion of a vertical distillery in Leith, a totem to the ability of whisky-making to transcend industry and embrace tourism and urban regeneration. We assess whether this represents a high watermark or a stepping stone to bigger and better distilleries.

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