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Forthcoming Issues

  • Donaldson's College – Edinburgh’s Georgian crescent’s have provided inspiration to generations and now that pedigree has found new form at Donaldson’s College courtesy of Richard Murphy Architects. We look at how the historic typology has been repurposed for modern living.
  • Health Conscious – As the wellness agenda advances from the drawing board to reality Urban Realm visits some pioneering examples of a new breed of one-stop-shop patient services which seek to enhance care provision.
  • Edinburgh Printmakers – We assess the former the former North British Rubber Co, recently converted by Page\Park to become Edinburgh Printmakers’ new base. How has this slice of industrial heritage been repurposed as an engine room of creativity?
  • Co-housing – Tom Morton feeds through his own experiences pressing the Scottish Parliament on the issue of co-housing, a growing movement seeking to enable the elderly in supportive and collective communities. Is there sufficient political leadership on this growing issue?
  • Children’s co-design - Thea McMillan uses her own family experience as a springboard for a wider look at children’s participatory design to see how an alternative vantage point can inform educational design.
  • Landscape Architecture – Our regular look at outdoor design lands this summer with an investigation of how growing climate concerns may be influencing the sector, clients and the public at large.
  • Creative workspaces - Urban Realm looks at how marginal buildings can be given a fresh lease on life through case studies such as the Beco building within the Barclays Campus, Glasgow.

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