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Q10, Quartermile

Q10, Quartermile
Q10 is the very dense social housing on the former Royal Infirmary site in Edinburgh. The project, as originally designed, had its numbers and density considerably increased when the balance of residential accommodation in Foster & Partners’ masterplan was considerably increased. The resulting density of a scheme creating 174 affordable apartments in a single courtyard block broke all local guidelines. The practice proposed a version of a Wiener Hof with a single entrance to a courtyard with a lift and stair towers in each corner.

The massing is eroded towards the south west corner to admit as much sunlight as possible and in compensation for the small amount of communal space in the centre many of the flats have their own generous roof terraces and corner balconies. The exterior of mottled grey terra cotta tiles makes reference to Foster’s own (more expensive!) metallic cladding nearby. Corners are celebrated with balconies and an over sailing z inc roof. The common areas, although deep in the plan, are still naturally lit with a view to the outside at each floor.

The interior of the courtyard is white render and glass with a planting regime that we hope will completely cover the elevations with greenery in time. The building will thus have a hard exterior shell but a semi-private green heart. At the ground floor there is management (concierge) office, a nursery school for 50 children and a cafe is proposed for the final commercial space.
PROJECT: Q10, Quartermile
LOCATION: Wharton Square, Lauriston place,Edinburgh
CLIENT: Emma Garray
ARCHITECT: Richard Murphy Architects
SERVICES ENGINEER: Hulley & Kirkwood
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Peter Graham & Partners
Q10, Quartermile
Q10, Quartermile
Q10, Quartermile

Q10, Quartermile
Main Contractor:  Southside Capital
Fire Protection:  Safe
Photographer:  keith Hunter

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