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Abbey Gardens

Abbey Gardens
Sometimes the most talked about local architecture is the hidden gem that no one knew was there. The extension to Abbey Gardens captures that very feeling. The listed granite stonework that forms the site boundary hides the extension from sight. It is not until you are a part of this space that you realise there is something special behind the traditional cottage.

The concept was to extend and wrap the existing boundary wall around the proposed rear extension, retaining its height and creating an internal courtyard enclosed on three sides. The fourth side is defined by a “secret garden”. The granite enclosure is broken by full height glazing, which allows natural daylight to flood the entertaining spaces.

The bedrooms also benefit from full height glazing and double doors that allow direct access to the secret garden.

Simply put… “Behind this humble cottage, is a space that is like no other”
PROJECT: Abbey Gardens
LOCATION: Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire
CLIENT: James Strachan
ARCHITECT: Baxter Design
Abbey Gardens
Abbey Gardens
Main Contractor:  Self build

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