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Flanders Moss viewing tower

Flanders Moss viewing tower
SNH wanted to create a raised viewing tower to enable visitors to get elevated views and appreciate the scale and spectacular views over the moss.

The tower is not immediately visible from the car park and is revealed when approached by footpath through the birch woodland.

The footpath was extended to allow disabled access to the tower and the staircase was designed in short shallow pitched flights to enable ambulant disabled access.  Access to the tower is normally unrestricted but if required a gate in the external cladding can be closed for security.

Constructed in green oak, with some posts over 8m long, the structure sits on a steel platform resting on steel mini piles driven 10m down through the peat moss into the clay below.

The cladding of 50 x 50 oak battens gives the tower extra solidity, when viewed from a distance, whilst allowing air to pass through the spaces to reduce wind loading.

Robin Baker developed the design with the structural engineer, John Sinclair of Allen Gordon & Co. Perth.
PROJECT: Flanders Moss viewing tower
LOCATION: Between Thornhill & Kippen near Stirling
CLIENT: Scottish Natural Heritage
ARCHITECT: Robin Baker
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Ralph Ogg & Partners
Flanders Moss viewing tower
Flanders Moss viewing tower
Main Contractor:  Luddon Construction

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