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Alleymill Primary School

Alleymill Primary School
Accommodating some 429 pupils, the new Aileymill Primary in the town’s Norfolk Road was formed by the merger of the former Ravenscraig and Earnhill Primary Schools and also includes Aileymill Nursery.

The new Aileymill Primary School has a simple roof form, a series of pergolas along the classrooms to control sunlight glare and a wedge-shaped administration and nursery block thrown forward from the colonnade to lend a civic presence to the building and create a practical use as shelter for kids and parents.

The school features elegant, simple designs with bright, colourful and airy interiors. It is a very sustainable building, standing as a testament to the quality of school that can be achieved when architects work alongside a client that has a real passion about genuinely investing in quality design within the context of its duty to invest wisely and minimise risk through its procurement process.
PROJECT: Alleymill Primary School
CLIENT: Inverclyde District Council
Main Contractor:  Miller Construction

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