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Pearce Street

Pearce Street
 Austin-Smith:Lord were appointed by Bield Housing Association for a residential development for an urban site in central Govan, Glasgow. This is an archaeologically sensitive site where we prepared a Masterplan for Water Row behind the ‘A’ Listed Rowand Anderson’s Pearce Institute.

Flats occupy the whole footprint of the site consequently the north and west elevations which front the street are the only elevations where habitable rooms could be located. The flats therefore face north and west with magnificent views over the Clyde. The common areas stairs, lift and circulation spaces are in the south elevation where windows have been set back to allow extensive sun penetration into ‘sun space’ sitting areas. Open space is provided by a south facing logia sitting over the central boiler plant. The flats accommodate 3 wheelchair flats and 24 ambulant flats for the elderly.
PROJECT: Pearce Street
LOCATION: 10 Pearce Street, Govan
CLIENT: Bield Housing Association
ARCHITECT: Austin Smith Lord
SERVICES ENGINEER: David R Murray & Associates
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Armour Construction Consultants
Pearce Street
Main Contractor:  CCG (Scotland) Ltd

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