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Forthside Bridge

Forthside Bridge
This new footbridge in the ancient Scottish city of Stirling has played an important role in the area’s recent regeneration and development. The 113.4m long, three span cable truss bridge was designed for clients Stirling City Council to improve pedestrian connectivity between the dense city centre and a new development area on the banks of the River Forth across the main railway corridor.

The placement of the access and egress positions on the sides leaves the ends free as promontories, providing an elevated gallery overlooking the Forthside Piazza on the east side. These positions also allow strategic views of significant monuments surrounding the site and particularly a framed axial view to the tower of Cambuskenneth Abbey, 1km to the east.

The resulting structure is highly unusual, and is based on the principle of an inverted ‘fink’ truss, and yet is sufficiently far removed from its generic root as to be entirely unique. Two tapered and inclined truss planes are arranged to create a twisting form, the geometry informing a pedestrian desire line across the bridge that differs from its axial alignment for strategic planning and contextual reasons.

Images by Paul McMullin
PROJECT: Forthside Bridge
LOCATION: Forthside, Stirling
CLIENT: Stirling Council
ARCHITECT: Wilkinson Eyre
Paul McMullin
Paul McMullin
Wilkinson Eyre
Wilkinson Eyre

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