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Garden Room

Garden Room
A six metre opening was formed in an existing 1970’s detached house providing a framed view to the landscaped gardens. A simple exposed concrete frame portico punches its way into the garden matching the width of the slot in the existing wall. Minimum visual interruption between internal space and the gardens was achieved with large glazed aluminium screens finished in a receding dark grey.

Externally the portico sits forward from the building with a lead recessed margin accommodating a wide gutter freeing the extension from the architectural language of the house.

A low level light shelf provides a contrasting volumetric and lighting experience between the cosy depths of existing house and expanse of space experienced in the new extension.

The completed scheme endeavours to provide strong spatial relationships while forming an enlarged flexible family space and dining room adjacent to their existing kitchen.
PROJECT: Garden Room
LOCATION: Aberdeen
CLIENT: Private
ARCHITECT: Graham Mitchell
Garden Room
Garden Room

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