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Artist’s Studio Alterations

Artist’s Studio Alterations
ASA  Listed Building 2008

This project altered and converted an existing single storey timber framed chalet near Stockbridge in Edinburgh into an artist’s studio.
The existing roof was raised to the front to create a continuous high level glazed clerestorey to allow large amounts of light into the space. The windows were simplified and external sliding galvanised steel shutters were fitted. The external timber cladding was re-stained black.

The interior was completely stripped out and a new bathroom, kitchenette and storeroom were constructed. The rest of the space was left open for use as the studio, which due to the altered roof, has a ceiling height of 4.4m at the highest point.

PROJECT: Artist’s Studio Alterations
LOCATION: Craigleith, Stockbridge, Edinburgh
CLIENT: Mr John Brown RSW
ARCHITECT: Graphite Studio Ltd
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Will Rudd Davidson Assocs
Artist’s Studio Alterations
Artist’s Studio Alterations
Artist’s Studio Alterations

Artist’s Studio Alterations
Main Contractor:  Joab Vos Property Improvements
Glazing:  Timbertech Scotland Ltd

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