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Milne House

Milne House
ASA  Listed Building 2007

This large, individual house was designed to provide a contemporary living environment that is in character with the surrounding properties thanks to its use of natural and 
traditional materials. The original concept 
design was produced by ARKTX, and was 
subsequently developed and executed by Andrew Black Design.

The house has three bedrooms and a 
separate wing containing a gym. The ground floor is entirely open plan, with the kitchen on one side and a dinning room in an atrium on the other side of the main living space. An elaborate stair constructed using curved steel and render animates the space. All materials have been hand picked for quality and durability.

The lighting system has been designed in conjunction with Pyramid Presentations to allow complete control of all lighting 
functions. The sound system can be controlled in a similar way throughout the house.

The house was constructed with a timber and steel frame, and clad with a combination of Douglas fir, Clashach sandstone and smooth white render

PROJECT: Milne House
LOCATION: Rosemill, near Dundee
CLIENT: Mr Milne
ARCHITECT: Andrew Black Design
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: LN Henderson Associates
Milne House
Milne House
Milne House

Main Contractor:  Watties Welders
Photographer:  Keith Hunter

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