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Clyde Salvage Site Housing

Clyde Salvage Site Housing
ASA  Listed Building 2007 The form of the building evolved out of a response to neighbouring developments together with a desire to orientate the building towards sunlight and green space. The 7 storey tower responds to the accented towers of neighbouring Gorbals Queen Elizabeth Square developments while rising just above the top of the adjacent tenement gable. The four storey terrace ties in with the scale of the adjacent 1990s Housing Association housing court. The overall geometry is arranged around a flattened s-shaped “spine” onto which a series of brick planes are angled to create a series of glazed slots orientated toward the West/South- West. At the tower the orientation of the end plane is mirrored to orientate it North-South on the same axis as the Robert Mathew tower blocks diagonally opposite. The overlaying of curved “vertebrates” against street grid creates a series of generous front garden spaces along Waddell Street on what is a tight plot. Materials have been kept simple with buff brickwork throughout punctuated by aluminium clad timber windows and screens. The Tower Roof and terrace roof edge are crisply defined in pre-patinated zinc. Overall there are 48 units comprising a mixture of 1,2 and 3 bedroom units together with a communal laundry in the tower.
PROJECT: Clyde Salvage Site Housing
LOCATION: Waddell Street, Gorbals
CLIENT: New Gorbals Housing Association
ARCHITECT: Page\Park Architects
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Neilson Binnie McKenzie
Clyde Salvage Site Housing
Clyde Salvage Site Housing
Clyde Salvage Site Housing

Main Contractor:  Campbell Construction Group
Glazing:  Nordan

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