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Aytoun Road, Glasgow

Aytoun Road, Glasgow
Within the heart of Pollokshields conservation area our proposal seeks to extend an existing villa to create a more suitable family home. The redundant garage at the side of the house was removed to allow the addition of a modern single storey extension built using traditional materials. The new building line is set back from the front of the house, so that the original stone elevation remains the focal point. The extension is located between the side of the property and the existing neighbouring extension. At the north facing back garden the proposal follows the wall and roof lines of an existing lean-to. At the front of the property trees and shrubs were retained providing privacy.

Internally the new split level space (85m2) provides one large family room incorporating a new kitchen, play area, living space, dining space and study zone with a strip of service accommodation along one edge. The cellular Victorian accommodation has been broken down into a more-flowing open-plan living area by strategic new structural openings. Various new pieces of bespoke oak furniture, oak screens and flooring unify the old and new elements of the house.
PROJECT: Aytoun Road, Glasgow
LOCATION: Dean Villa, 58 Aytoun Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow
CLIENT: Mr & Mrs Gray
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Petrie Roberton Design
SERVICES ENGINEER: Anderson Floor Warming
Aytoun Road, Glasgow
Aytoun Road, Glasgow
Aytoun Road, Glasgow

Main Contractor:  Eskbank Developments
Glazing:  Rational Windows Ltd
Roofing:  Fultons
Interiors:  Telford Fine Furniture

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