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Victorian House - Craw Road

Victorian House - Craw Road
ASA  Listed Building 2007 Over the past 4 years we have developed a series of improvements to this Victorian house with significant 1970's extension to the rear (south). Completed projects vary in scale and style. A more traditional approach is adopted within the stone building to the front of the house while at the rear a modern light feel is used, bringing the modern and traditional together.

The house formed the first phase of the project combining two under-used public rooms into one large drawing room and opening this new space to the rear. Bespoke oak furniture, multi panel folding doors and flooring, new leaded glass panelling and a sophisticated picture hanging system were integral to this part of the design.

To the rear, within the 1970's extension refitting the kitchen/breakfasting area and re-roofing were essential parts of the second phase. Re-roofing offered the chance to introduce a new waterfall cascade and pool at one end of the roof to collect all surface water from a concealed gutter. At the other end, a large new metal-framed conservatory was added to finish the composition of the rear elevation, replacing a polycarbonate carport. The conservatory extends the use of the garden by several weeks from spring to autumn.
PROJECT: Victorian House - Craw Road
LOCATION: Craw Road, Paisley
CLIENT: Private
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Petrie Roberton Design
Victorian House - Craw Road
Victorian House - Craw Road
Victorian House - Craw Road

Main Contractor:  Samual McGarva Metalwork
Roofing:  Sarafill- Piries

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