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Udny Arms Hotel

Udny Arms Hotel

The Udny Arms, Newburgh has been given a new lease of life by its local owners following an extensive refurbishment programme, bringing the 150 year old building up to modern standards of accessibility, comfort and design. The 12 bedroom hotel now sits alongside a coffee shop and retail pods (as well as two refurbished villas) completing the redevelopment of the overall site into a mix of uses providing residential, commercial, retail and public open space at the heart of the village.

The hotel refurbishment incorporates strategic interventions to optimise the existing accommodation, including extending and remodelling of the restaurant and upper floor bedrooms to create light, open, modern spaces.

Existing public rooms and circulation areas have been fully refurbished, counterbalancing retaining existing historic features with a clean, crisp, contemporary interior. Coastal themes and colours are referenced throughout the interior, which is completed with work by local artists.

Externally, the original covered entrance has been reinstated with the removal of a later addition infill conservatory, along with a remodelled entrance steps and ramp arrangement. This now provides full accessibility to the building where there was none previously, which, along with the addition of south facing external terraced seating areas and planting, provides a welcoming new frontage to the hotel.

PROJECT: Udny Arms Hotel
LOCATION: 50 Main Street, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire
CLIENT: Doug Kinloch
INTERIOR DESIGNER: Morag Cameron Design
Udny Arms Hotel
Udny Arms Hotel
Udny Arms Hotel

Main Contractor:  Udny Arms Hotel Ltd

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