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Renton Campus

Renton Campus

The new Renton Campus is an exciting and innovative project that provides a state-of-the-art learning environment, moving away from traditional teaching methods to meet modern educational aspirations. Bringing together around 300 pupils from Renton Primary School, Leven Base (an Additional Support Needs unit) and Riverside Early Learning and Childcare Centre, the project aimed to create a culture of collective creative enjoyment.

Stripped back to the fundamental requirements and encouraged the team to get creative with learning spaces. A learning ladder concept allows learning to grow across various levels as the specific needs of pupils develop. Campfires, STEM caves and reading nooks all conjure images of a different type of learning space! Wrap this all into a 3 storey facility with stimulating rooftop terraces carved from the building mass, giving each level direct access to external teaching zones and play equipment, including the slide which links terraces together.

A strong connection and harmonious flow between internal teaching environments and outdoor spaces enhances the pupils learning, experience and wellbeing. A collaborative working relationship fostered a culture where challenging the perceived norm was encouraged, constantly asking why? At Renton Campus, the staff and pupils have the opportunity to create their own learning environment each day, developing creative ways of using space and collaborating between classes. A flexible and open learning environment allows pupils to be innovative and independent, choosing spaces that best support the activities they are carrying out, whether that’s reading in ‘the rabbit’s burrow’ or painting in ‘the bee hive’.

The campus is a new landmark in Renton’s community, celebrating the adjacent listed Smollett monument and war memorial the architecture and user experience draws inspiration from their history. Pupils use the boundary wall, a backdrop to the memorials, as a learning tool by displaying murals and telling stories of author Tobias Smollett. Renton Campus provides pupils with an exciting new opportunity to learn, play and grow in unique environments they are directly involved with creating, giving pride and ownership which improves their experience, learning and attainment.

An exemplar project that can influence learning and development across the entire Learning Estate.

PROJECT: Renton Campus
LOCATION: Main Street, Renton
CLIENT: West Dunbartonshire Council
ARCHITECT: Holmes Miller
Renton Campus
Renton Campus
Renton Campus

Main Contractor:  Morgan Sindall
Photographer:  Chris Humphreys / Holmes Miller

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