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Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus

Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus

Our practice has delivered the most publically accessible and community orientated School in Scotland by virtue of innovative spatial design, whilst fully ensuring pupils security, safety and wellbeing. The Jedburgh project aims to strengthen the location as a learning town; where the ritual of intergenerational education is embedded in the character and quality of the place and where community togetherness is reinforced.

Spatially the design is arranged around a major common space that extends the life of Jedburgh’s characterful High Street into the heart of the building. Critically the Jedburgh design is a step change for the education estate in Scotland, this is not a school that is open to the public after hours, it’s a civic building that is open at all times to the public that includes a school.

With the exception of the early & primary year education areas all other spaces are public facing, including the food science, art & craft and technology space. The building is curated and programmed to strike a balance between educational and community needs, recognising that the overlap of these is part of the magic that will reinforce positive culture and citizenship.


PROJECT: Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus
LOCATION: Jedburgh
CLIENT: Scottish Borders Council
ARCHITECT: Stallan-Brand
Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus
Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus
Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus

Photographer:  Andrew Lee

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