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Brent Cross Pavilion

Brent Cross Pavilion

The first building to be constructed in Argent Related’s 180-acre Brent Cross South development, this 8,000 square foot temporary Visitor Pavilion will bring to life, through its design and exhibitions, Argent Related and Barnet Council’s vision for the new town centre development – its homes, workspaces, leisure and community spaces.

The three-storey Visitor Pavilion responds to a brief to reference the eventual permanent finishes of this part of the site and to achieve a high standard of sustainability through material choices, off-site manufacture, energy-efficient operating systems and reusability or recycling of components at the end of its life.

Low impact materials including Glulam beams and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) prefabricated panels have been chosen as they offer a much lower embodied carbon footprint, compared to more traditional construction materials such as steel or concrete, offering a faster construction time and reduced waste output.

PROJECT: Brent Cross Pavilion
CLIENT: Argent Related and Barnet Council
Brent Cross Pavilion
Brent Cross Pavilion
Brent Cross Pavilion

Photographer:  Simon Kennedy
Photographer:  John Sturrock

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