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David Livingstone Museum

David Livingstone Museum

Hoskins Architects and ERZ have completed a £9.1m renovation of the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum in Blantyre following a three-year restoration programme.

Undertaken by Clark Contracts the work entailed a full refurbishment of the Birthplace Museum, African Pavilion, Shuttle Row and Weavers Cottage to establish new exhibition and leisure space dedicated to the Victorian explorer and missionary.

Within these spaces, new displays tell the story of Livingstone's extraordinary life and his role as an abolitionist, with the stories of African's serving on Livingstone's crew now told for the first time.

PROJECT: David Livingstone Museum
LOCATION: Blantyre
CLIENT: David Livingstone Birthplace
ARCHITECT: Hoskins Architects
David Livingstone Museum
David Livingstone Museum
Main Contractor:  Clark Contracts
Photographer:  Dapple Photography

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