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Lord Todd Bar

Lord Todd Bar

This relatively small project joins the increasing number of projects that haa design is undertaking for the educatin sector; an existing building, carefully designed but lacking the atmosphere that might lure students to use it  in preference to the increasing number of facilities being provided in the town centre.

In addition to improving the lighting, seating and bar facilities, the objective was to make it useful as casual learning space in line with the major changes in learning/teaching space currently being experienced by the education sector.

haa design's improvements consisted of making the building softer and more relaxed, while continuing to specify  materials that could stand up to rigours of student use.

Thus pendant lights reduce the apparent height of the space and provide a friendlier, more domestic feel, a range of darker colours to the walls make the space more intimate and pictures, themed to pick up on the graphics already present in the 'pub' tell of unusual Scots who have made their name at the university and elsewhere.  The furniture is deliberately varied and similarly designed to give a more domestic deel and provide areas of discrete use.

Improvements related to the outside terrace also, enlarging the available covered area and protecting the space from chilling winds.

The project was conducted within the strict limits of a university budget and summer time frame.

PROJECT: Lord Todd Bar
CLIENT: Strathclyde University Catering Services
ARCHITECT: haa design limited
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Strathclyde University Catering Services
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Neilson Binnie McKenzie
Lord Todd Bar
Lord Todd Bar
Main Contractor:  APM
Photographer:  Keith Hunter

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