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Brick House

Brick House

This house was designed and built 40 years ago by an architect for his own use. The house had considerable charm and a certain brick brutalist character but it was designed in such a particularly individual way it was difficult to use for a subsequent owner. There were multiple level changes and strange planning solutions. So we had to radically reconfigure the plans and sections whilst taking care to retain the particular character and spirit of the house. We also built an extension to house the new kitchen/dining area and to create a sheltered South facing patio /courtyard. This house was, in equal measures, a delight and a challenge to work with.

PROJECT: Brick House
LOCATION: Morningside, Edinburgh
CLIENT: Mr and Mrs Chalmers
ARCHITECT: Bergmark Architects
Brick House
Brick House
Brick House

Photographer:  Martin Vrzal

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