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Craigton House

Craigton House

Fiddes Architects were appointed to carry out restoration and extensions to the 19th century private dwelling Craigton House which had suffered neglect over the years and the addition of a poorly designed conservatory extension which compromised the flow of the house for modern family life and sat uncomfortably against the existing strong granite forms.

Given the large building footprint and the available budget, works were prioritised to achieve the family living areas required and restoring the interior of the building in a cost effective way. The existing granite stonework and the roof was in good condition with little or no immediate work required.

The existing conservatory to the West Elevation was removed and replaced by a larger contemporary single storey extension forming part of the open plan living / dining area linking to new kitchen. A new slapping was taken off this kitchen leading to a generous utility by converting and extending the existing coal shed.

All windows and doors were replaced with triple glazed Aluminium clad timber with a quartz grey colour chosen to not only compliment the original granite stonework but also tie through with the Quartz Zinc cladding and roof.

Various external landscaping solutions were part of the project including new granite walling, driveways, paths and new planting areas all of which brought the expansive garden ground to be more symbiotic with the dwelling itself.
Siberian Larch cladding vacuum coated with RAL 9005 (an opaque jet black) was detailed to envelope both extensions with parts of the existing granite left to protrude through and act as a break between the two. This natural material choice wraps the North West Corner and gives a striking contrast to the Granite Stonework of the existing Building.

Standing Seam Quartz Zinc cladding and Roofing was the second primary material choice for the extension which was broken up by large glass sliding doors to the South West corner with carefully detailed junctions and panel sizes. The overhanging zinc roof provides sheltered seating areas out from the main living space and also to the new functional entrance to the dwelling through a lobby / boot room. The Butterfly roof form accommodates the extension footprint whilst remaining subservient to the existing building mass and not compromising some of the existing roof junctions and features.

Internal renovations were carried out to all rooms and spaces within the existing building whilst maintaining the original plan. New flooring that flowed throughout the ground floor tying together the old and the new was carefully chosen and detailed with the floor boards expertly mitred on site to create seamless steps leading from the kitchen to the main hallway. The oak flooring creates a warm, tactile aesthetic while the hand scraped, smoked ebony finish echoes the deep hues of the exterior.

PROJECT: Craigton House
LOCATION: Aberdeen
CLIENT: Private
ARCHITECT: Fiddes Architects
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Graeme Craig Consulting
Craigton House
Craigton House
Craigton House

Main Contractor:  Alan Buchan Contractors

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