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Edmonstone Walled Garden

Edmonstone Walled Garden

The application site formed part of the Edmonstone Estate, which constitutes the remnants of a once prosperous area where economic activity was focused around agriculture and mining. The estate sits to the north of the A7, Old Dalkeith Road, and to the west of the Wisp in south-east Edinburgh.

The proposals included development within the historic walled garden and development within the 8 acre field. The masterplan was developed with a focus on landscape and the existing walled garden with open space and views framing the historic building and landscape.

Retention of other existing built features of the site such as boundary walls and haha’s were also an important consideration.

PROJECT: Edmonstone Walled Garden
LOCATION: Edinburgh
CLIENT: Hillcrest Housing Association
Edmonstone Walled Garden
Edmonstone Walled Garden
Edmonstone Walled Garden

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