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North East Campus

North East Campus

orth East Campus is a three stream, 800 pupil primary school with integrated assisted learning departments and 150 early years nursery places.

The building plan form is that of a simple square. A monolithic, protective brick envelope wraps itself around the hidden heart of the building; a voluminous top lit central atrium. Generous and varied multifunctional spaces inhabit and surround the atrium: Intimately sized study pods project into the volume clad in protective slatted timber. An open plan “learning bridge” bisects the space at first floor. Library spaces connect into the atrium at every level. Vitally, every one of these break out spaces is designed to connect visually with every other. This connected harmony at the building core lends itself to a modern style of flexible teaching, set free from the confines of the traditional classroom.

PROJECT: North East Campus
CLIENT: Dundee City Council
ARCHITECT: Holmes Miller
PROJECT MANAGER: Dundee City Council
North East Campus
North East Campus
North East Campus

North East Campus
Main Contractor:  Robertson Construction Tayside

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