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The Steading Drumlithie

The Steading Drumlithie

HYVE Architects were appointed to create additional living spaces to a steading in Drumlithie for a family with 2 young children. The new area was to provide enough space to accommodate an open plan dining area and a new master bedroom with en-suite shower facilities. The property was surrounded by a large garden but the garden was only accessible from the side through a small patio door of the living room.

The clients wanted to maximise value from their budget and so HYVE suggested converting the existing garage and building a small extension rather than adding on a significant floor area. A new extension to the rear of the property joins the existing cottage to the new garage conversion, while at the same time, providing a much better connection with the garden. Part of the extension takes the original pitched roof shape of the steading while the connection between the extension and the garage is designed as a simple flat roofed link. The garage is converted into a large, light and bright master bedroom, incorporating an en-suite shower room and walk-in-wardrobe.

Internally the pitched roof is open up to the ridge within the new dining space, making the new extension feel spacious and light. Roof lights are installed in this roof to maximise daylight into the new room. The dining space is set several steps lower than the original cottage, which has been done to make a much improved connection to the sloping garden beyond. As a result the garden is much better used and has become a real outdoor room.

A very simple and cost effective palette of materials has been chosen. A slate roof and wet dash harled walls match the existing cottage. Windows and doors are timber/aluminium composite, dark grey to contrast with walls.

PROJECT: The Steading Drumlithie
LOCATION: Croft Road
CLIENT: Mr and Mrs Leslie
ARCHITECT: Hyve Architects
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Graeme Craig Consulting Engineer
The Steading Drumlithie
The Steading Drumlithie
Photographer:  David Barbour

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