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Orchard Brae

Orchard Brae

Aberdeen City Council has taken possession of a £17m JM Architects school, offering places for up to 150 young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN).

Delivered in partnership with Hub North Scotland and Ogilvie Construction Orchard Brae is the first of its kind in Aberdeen, replacing a number of existing schools and services which had previously been scattered around the city.

In addition to providing a learning environment the school doubles as a community hub for parents, families and charities as well as offering a range of outreach services for speech and language, autism and social work.

PROJECT: Orchard Brae
LOCATION: Aberdeen
CLIENT: Aberdeen City Council
ARCHITECT: JM Architects
Orchard Brae
Orchard Brae
Orchard Brae

Main Contractor:  Ogilvie Construction
Photographer:  Niall Hastie

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