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Fernaig Cottage

Fernaig Cottage
As both clients and architects, the owners of this renovated, adapted and extended former shepherd’s cottage, were able to pursue an agenda which was about keeping faith with the character of the historic building they have re-purposed. Later, accretions were removed and the original stone walls retained.

A sympathetic sister building, more in keeping in both scale and form with the historic cottage, was subsequently created with a new, clearly defined, linear link. New red roofs echo the historic corrugated metal roofing which features throughout the Highlands.

The interior incorporates three compact bedrooms within the historic section, while the new building utilises the full height of what has been added, embraces the views and draws in the daylight. This client-architect team have, with gentle diligence, enhanced this remote little corner of Scotland.
PROJECT: Fernaig Cottage
LOCATION: Duncraig Road, Achmore
CLIENT: Andrew and Gillian Barnett
ARCHITECT: Scampton & Barnett
SERVICES ENGINEER: The Cundall Partnership LLP
Fernaig Cottage
Fernaig Cottage
Fernaig Cottage

Main Contractor:  Adam McDonald Building and Joinery
Photographer:  Airey Spaces

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