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Ballymena Health & Care Centre

Ballymena Health & Care Centre
As part of the appointment to Health Estates Primary Care and Community Infrastructure (PCCI) Framework, the Ballymena project is the first of three Health and Care Centres to be designed for the Northern Trust.

Officially opening on the 18th February 2016 (by Simon Hamilton, the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety in the Northern Ireland Executive), the new building is designed around a welcoming, three storey entrance atrium, stepping down to a two story block formed around an external courtyard space. The atrium and courtyard create a highly legible layout, providing clear user wayfinding and orientation, while maximising opportunities for natural ventilation and daylight.

Lead architect Keppie, in collaboration with Hoskins Architects, spent considerable time with the various departments and operational and facilities user groups, to ensure that the clinical adjacencies, patient journeys and materiality have been configured to form a clear, cohesive and calming building, from a hitherto disparate range of accommodation and services.
PROJECT: Ballymena Health & Care Centre
LOCATION: Northern Ireland
CLIENT: Northern Ireland Health Estates
ARCHITECT: Keppie with Hoskins Architects
Ballymena Health & Care Centre
Ballymena Health & Care Centre
Photographer:  Donal McCann Photography
Photographer:  Cadzow Pelosic (interior)

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