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Ayrshire College

Ayrshire College
The new £53m new build college campus for Ayrshire college provides a state of the art teaching and learning facility for 21st
Century FE facilities. Its 350 rooms range from standard teaching environments (split between formal and informal teaching spaces) together with highly specialist mix of technical workshops and high end commercial type shop environments. The core spaces are based around a central hub of informal social spaces forming the heart of the building.

From the outset, the project brief called for a new functional, flexible and efficient learning environment which was focused on securing the coherent provision of education in Ayrshire. Additionally, the client’s vision anticipated an inclusive, welcoming building that promoted a range of collaborative and interactive learning experiences.

As part of our role in the project, Keppie worked with the client to promote INTERACTION; an interactive learning opportunity for local schools to propose design ideas for a curriculum resource area in the building. Cumnock Academy – the winning school – assisted in the development of their idea which became part of the finished building.
PROJECT: Ayrshire College
LOCATION: Kilmarnock
CLIENT: Ayrshire College
ARCHITECT: Keppie Design
Ayrshire College
Ayrshire College
Ayrshire College

Main Contractor:  McLaughlin & Harvey

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