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Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre

Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre
Project Outline
The refurbishment of the Twechar Recreation Centre into the Twechar HL&E Centre forms the beginning of a wider range of redevelopment for the town of Twechar, which is situated to the north of Glasgow, between Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth, in East Dunbartonshire.

Historically, Twechar was located on the site of two roman forts along the Roman built Atonine Wall, remains of which exist today. In the 19th Century the construction of the Forth & Clyde Canal led to a rapid growth in the area. Boosted by local coal reserves it served as a mining town from the 1860’s until the 1960’s. Following the closure of the mines, the population of the area dropped rapidly, and the lack of an industrial focus led to high levels of unemployment and a current population low of around 1,200 inhabitants.

Project Development
In 2005 a masterplan for the area was prepared by Kevin Murray Associates. It aspired that Twechar would become “a stronger growing residential community rising to over 2000 inhabitants, including a higher proportion of economically active people”. The comprehensive masterplan document details phases of house building and leisure facilities; these will be primarily based around the twin attractions of the Forth & Clyde Canal and the Atonine Wall. The masterplan details the refurbished Twechar HL&E Centre as the spearhead project and symbol of the Council’s and resident’s aspirations.

Design Outline
The design of the refurbished Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre is based around a core of accommodation which is accessed from a new prominent entrance marked by a double height glazed element and a folding plane of zinc. The new entrance contrasts against the existing clad sportshall, this dynamic entrance signifies the beginning of change and redevelopment in the town. The entrance establishes the predominant axis through to the rear of the building (refer to route diagram). This route allows a connection of functions throughout the scheme, which are marked along the route by a series of events.

Externally the café has the function of spilling out to a decked area which has views back to the Atonine wall on the hill. The pitch side of the centre is broken down into a series of decks and raised planters which address the playing fields beyond. The landscaping allows the centre to take route within the site.
PROJECT: Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre
CLIENT: Twechar Community Action
ARCHITECT: jmarchitects
Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre
Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre
Main Contractor:  Waverley Builders

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