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Glentress Visitor Centre

Glentress Visitor Centre
The new buildings, comprise a café, bike shop and hire centre, osprey viewing area, education and exhibition space, showers, WCs and ranger facilities.

Douglas fir, which was specified for the structural trusses, (untreated) cladding and decking was supplied by FCS from the forest adjacent to the site. Locally-procured Scottish oak was used for the windows, European larch and hybrid larch for internal linings and skirtings, and Scottish birch for internal doors.

A healthy, low impact development was created through the specification of moisture-transfusive (‘breathing’) construction, hygroscopic finishes and natural ventilation to regulate moisture levels, alongside the use of solvent free paints and formaldehyde free timber products.

Insulation and air-tightness levels far exceed the current Building Regulations. Careful orientation, triple glazing to the café and shading strategies ensure heating requirements are minimised and comfortable indoor environments are achieved, while the risk of glare, overheating and excessive heat loss are minimised. The whole development is linked by a district heating system fueled by a woodchip boiler at the ranger base.

Urinals are waterless, and WCs and cold taps have low-flow adaptors. Rainwater is collected, filtered and used on site to flush the café WCs and wash the hire bikes. Energy and water use are monitored and displayed to the public.
PROJECT: Glentress Visitor Centre
LOCATION: Near Peebles, Borders
CLIENT: Forestry Commission Scotland
SERVICES ENGINEER: Mott MacDonald Fulcrum
QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Ralph Ogg & Partners
Glentress Visitor Centre
Glentress Visitor Centre
Main Contractor:  McLaughlin and Harvey
Glazing:  Charles Henshaw & Sons Ltd
Roofing:  SpectraROOF
Heating/Insulation/Ventilation:  Highland Wood Energy

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