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Remodelled Entrance to Edinburgh Zoo

Remodelled Entrance to Edinburgh Zoo
Our design was submitted as part of a selective competition, which we subsequently won and were involved in the delivery of the project as part of a Design & Build team through a very tight timescale. Our design moves the entrance to a different part of the building and in so doing created a larger, more welcoming area and a larger, relocated gift shop. The existing structure is a space frame tied to an existing Georgian building and to modify it was an expensive proposition. Our extension therefore sits independently of the existing structure and in so doing creates a large cantilevered canopy to provide both shade and shelter for queues on busy days.

The interior also allows the expansion or contraction of ticket desks depending on visitor numbers and a central information desk that doubles as a cash desk for the gift shop. The space is divided into two and separated by illuminated 'billboards' displaying forthcoming attractions or items for sale in the gift shop. There are also large areas of glass dividers allowing the shop to be viewed from the main entrance. The ceiling is formed by a series of green disks suspended from the space frame structure, to effectively lower the height and provide some interest in an otherwise bland space. The disks became known as the 'tree canopy' and are reflected in an artificial tree created in the gift shop. The colours within the area reflect the colours throughout the rest of the zoo and are intended as an introduction to themes taken up by buildings later in the complex.
PROJECT: Remodelled Entrance to Edinburgh Zoo
LOCATION: 134 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh
CLIENT: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
ARCHITECT: Ingram Architecture & Design Ltd
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Pateron Consulting Engineers
Remodelled Entrance to Edinburgh Zoo
Remodelled Entrance to Edinburgh Zoo
Main Contractor:  Hugh Stirling

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