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Platthorn Road

Platthorn Road
This existing early 20th century arts and crafts cottage was full to the brim with a family of six (including four teenagers), used a cupboard as a kitchen and had only one bathroom. Simply more space and facilities were needed. Through developed briefing the client asked for a bay/balcony window to the garden, a kitchen that can open onto the garden and generally a better relationship to the garden that they had enjoyed developing over the past 20 years.

One large simple rectangular space has been added with a new arts and craft inspired constantly changing copper roof, made possible by a concealed steel frame. The new glazed screen, facing south, follows the roofline stepping up with the curve. The double height space provides a beautiful informal family area, which is more appropriate to the size of the family, connects to the garden and benefits from solar gain. There is a new master suite incorporated into the upper extension area with bay/balcony window to the garden and a kitchen below with multi-fold door completely opening the kitchen to the garden.

Our design reflects the original shape/mould of the site, which slopes up to a level upper lawn from a lower piano shaped terrace.
PROJECT: Platthorn Road
LOCATION: East Kilbride
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Petrie Robertson Design
Platthorn Road
Platthorn Road
Platthorn Road

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