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Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe

The site is located in Buccleuch Street, in the centre of Melrose. The site is bound to the north and the west by private houses, and gardens (Harmony Garden), and to the east by a car park serving Melrose Abbey. This historic building is located a short distance walk from the café, and the site is part of a Scheduled Monument Area.

The Greenhouse Café was about revitalising and developing a key building within Melrose town centre. The facility was badly in need of refurbishment when the client purchased the building, and together we have brought the building back to life.

The two original buildings were completely refurbished and adapted to accommodate the expanded cafe, and then the two pieces connected with a new contemporary glass wall extension. The key aim of the glazed extension was to create a bright new space that connects the building with the beautiful Melrose Abbey: fashioning itself as the green house of the Greenhouse Cafe.

PROJECT: Greenhouse Cafe
LOCATION: Melrose, Scottish Borders
CLIENT: Milestone Garden and Leisure
Greenhouse Cafe
Greenhouse Cafe
Main Contractor:  Cruickshanks & Co Ltd

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