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Pyramid Viewpoint

Pyramid Viewpoint
The viewpoint takes the shape of a triangular platform and is positioned at the end of a long curved path stretching form the car park to the highest point of the peninsula. It is first seen as a narrow vertical stack amongst the tree trunkssurrounding the path. Only a glimpse towards the loch is visible through a long tunnel, that marks the entrance situation of the viewpoint. The single storey tunnel  that is as narrow as the path, leads from one vertex of the triangle to its base with views over the loch disguising the scale of the project. Only after having passed through this entrance and then looking back into the triangle, the viewpoint manifests itself as a steep rising platform that is accessed by steps going up and around the perimeter of the form. Benches, interspersed between the steps, create
the central core. As the structure rises the more exposed the benches become mimicking the seating arrangements of an arena.
PROJECT: Pyramid Viewpoint
LOCATION: Arrochar, Dunbartonshire
CLIENT: Scottish Government
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: David Narro Associates
Pyramid Viewpoint
Pyramid Viewpoint
Pyramid Viewpoint

Main Contractor:  Land Engineering

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