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The Carbuncle Awards 2009


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Plook on the Plinth Award

The Pock Mark Award

The Zit Building Award

Glenrothes was named as the most dismal place in Scotland in the 2009 Carbuncle Awards.  But this year's jury felt that Scotland's towns were struggling in general with standards slipping across the board

Amidst great fanfare and chaotic scenes Glenrothes brushed aside strong competition from New Cumnock and Motherwell to be crowned Carbuncle king. Bemused locals looked on as the media cavalcade rode into town, providing Glenrothes with its greatest bout of publicity since a recent by-election.

Unperturbed by over zealous security who were themselves overwhelmed by the thronging press, Scotland's most famous plook was proudly held aloft for the town to see in all its play-dough glory.

To underline how great Glenrothes could be Urban Realm hosted a major conference in the town in the immediate aftermath of the award - Saving Down Towns. Here planners and architects were brought along to suggest possible ways forward for the town, as well as discuss the challenges facing Scotland's urban centres in general.

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The Carbuncle Awards
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