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The Zit Building Award

For the worst building completed since the last awards

Eden Court Theatre Extension (Inverness)

Area: Inverness Reason: It's yellow. It looks like a packaging factory.

George IV hotel (Scotland)

Area: George IV Bridge Edinburgh Reason: Its awful

Glasgow Harbour (Scotland)

Glasgow Harbour
Area: Clydeside Reason: Like a large brown turd floating along the clyde Nominated by: Zoiberg “no facility for business and retail” – Have you seen the Masterplan at all??? (proposals Retail, Commercial, the Transport Museum currently under construction, etc)??? Oh but yes there is only residential at the moment, but Partick and Byres Rd is only 5 / 10min away…. A happy gh1 resident "not build a wall around it???" Have you walked down to the public squares and river front walkway or have you just drove past on the Expressway as most people do? If not wander down and have a proper look how "open" it actually is to everyone not just residents. There are plenty of other developments that actively stop the public getting to the river. Not GH. happy GH It amazes me that Glasgow City Council talked of the unsightly highflat developments in Glasgow during the 60's. Is this not the same? Or does making a quick buck at the same time make it alright. Dave P Dont worry, they only have a 25 year lifespan so they'll be ripe for knocking down soon enough Lee A classic example of greed and lack of imagination in taking the easy high rise residential development option reulting in a souless buy to let ghetto . R. Mackenzie "Like a large brown turd floating along the clyde" hehehehe! viewer no doubt you'd know quite a bit about large brown turds zoiberg, being obviously an arse gh2 resident Nothing but a shambles. A Planning blight on the City. I though the main aim was to regenerate the river not build a wall around it. No pubs, cafes, shops or commercial. Its a 21stC rebuilt easterhouse estate. As said before at least it will only be up for 25 years. How much did the city pay to all the consultants and master planners? glasgow lover Glasgow's flagship development is over dense, developer driven with an over preponderance of one and two bed flats. There is a lack of integration with Partick a lack of mixed tenure and no facility for business and retail. Paul Landon

Loch Lomond Shores (Scotland)

Wheres the cala homes estate

Platinum Point (Scotland)

Reason: Cynically designed to make money at expense of place making. Tick box architecture. Too great a reliance on buy to let. Developer subsequently went bust when boom ended. Nominated by: Dave

Squiggly bridge (Scotland)

Squiggly bridge
Reason: Over budget, over schedule, over the Clyde! All this wouldn't be too bad if the actual bridge itself looked good. Nominated by: Lee The bridge does look good, or do you just want another concrete flyover? JC I like it too Dave P I'll ask here as the design team seem to be close by: Why is this bridge needed? Southsider

St Enoch Centre (Glasgow)

Reason: leave it alone stop putting bits on it Nominated by: rough kid

The Plaza (Glasgow)

The Plaza
Area: Pollokshaws Road, Shawlands, Glasgow Reason: I drive into work along Caledonia Road and catch site of the ill considered massing of the back of the Plaza which depresses me greatly! I would love to say that all the design efforts were concentrated on teh front elevation to the detriment of the rear elevation, however, this is sadly not the case and Shawlands now has a lump of a reminder that GOOD DESIGN IS MORE IMPORTANT than squeezing in numbers! Nominated by: Craig Heap It's hard to get an actual photograph of this as it seems to have been purged from the Internet. The 3d renders make it look as if it has been plonked in the middle of Eden.. Southsider Absolutely dismal addition to the urban landscape. A reputably firm is behind this number, I can only assume they wilted to pressure from fat cat developers. Gibson A fine example of the city's failure to produce a masterplan for Eglinton and East Poolokshields or to adhere to decent design standards Concerned local Dreadful elevations, wrong scale, poor form. no relevance to existing ballroom. Another token gesture and a missed opportunity for Glasgow. Ryan Holmes

Trade winds (Edinburgh)

Trade winds
Reason: Projects the like of Trade winds need to be pilloried on three counts: 1 It shows Forth Ports interest in design terms of the outcome of a plot sale; 2 Poor Design; 3 Poor Planning decision. This design could be seen as the precursor for much more like it, why should we have faith in the Consent for 16,000 more homes at Leith Docks, remember this figure excludes all the struggling beauties already with Consent at Waterfront Edinburgh, Granton and Western Harbour. Nominated by: Gordon Duffy

Union Square (Scotland)

Union Square
Reason: Worry that this will poach trade from union street. Box retail mall that greets visitors to train station. Planners too easily acquiesce, no authority to promote better design and no relationship to surrounding context. Nominated by: Colin McColl A complex which will add to traffic conjestion onto an already buisy inner ring road (ie Market Sreet)Guild Street and Bridge Street will not be able to cope as tey were designed for the end of the nineteeth century beginning of the twentyeth, the days of horse and cart,where the Aberdeen planners came from. A Adams

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