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The Pock Mark Award

For the worst planning decision

A80 upgrade (Scotland)

Area: Cumbernauld Reason: With all this talk of improving public transport the Scottish Government decide that a lovely new motorway should be ploughed through a town that already has an image problem. Nominated by: David Kilmartin

Artizan Centre (Scotland)

Area: dumbarton Reason: 5 shops in it how sad how depressing it is ,ugly,a tip,degrading no wonder shoppers go to clydebank and the vale coz a do. Nominated by: rough kid

Caltongate (Scotland)

Area: Edinburgh`s Old Town Reason: too numerous to mention, the name sums it up! Nominated by: Al Baines

Edinburgh Waterfront (Scotland)

Area: Western Harbour and Granton Harbour Reason: A great location, ripe for developoment that's a missed opportunity to create something innovative and of quality and is currently being filled with architectural spam Nominated by: Seb

Glasgow on Ice (Scotland)

Glasgow on Ice
Area: George Square Reason: Cheap Santa tat despoils an already impoverished square with faux chalet shacks, low quality rides and sub par attractions. Nominated by: Daniel Hutcheson Best to remove it all, and let people piss in the square? Who needs fun, kids, and anything but clubs and booze in the city center? JC

Inverness Retail Park (Scotland)

Reason: Visible from space, the most hideous spot in the Highlands gets added to and attracts even more road traffic to the plastic-bag pocked wilderness Reason: The Inverness Retail Park is the worst planning decision ever (strangely ignored by Carbuncle judges, who seem distastefully interested in kicking places like Airdrie and Coatbridge when they are down). The recent additions - including, er, a gym, add insult to horror. The car park is a vast windblown tarmac prairie covered in discarded Tesco bags. Coatbridge and Airdrie have suffered industrial decline - what's Inverness' excuse? Nominated by: DM Inverness's excuse is we have the local council who have invested 130.000 of our money in TESCOS then wonder why Invernessians complain when we get called TESCO TOWN. Carol Fraser Modern Inverness looks as if it had been bombed during the war. David Robertson

Leith Docks (Scotland)

Area: Leith Reason: The scale of development – The Leith Docks masterplan is bigger than Edinburgh Old & New Towns put together – Can we entrust one developer / acquiescent planning authority with this responsibility? Proposed uses – The outline masterplan ‘describes’ 90% of the development area as “predominantly residential” with little or no requirement to promote mixed use & active street frontages throughout. Location: Exposure to the Forth / North Sea on remote promontories could reproduce the isolation evident at Platinum Quay. Proximity to meaningful public transport routes (tram line 1 skirts around the edge of the development) which is about half a kilometer from the proposed waterfront. Because of the high water table many recent residential developments on the waterfront consist of residential towers sitting on top of 2-3 floors of car parking. Unless this is addressed at a strategic level in the Leith Docks Masterplan, there is a real risk that it will not be safe to walk down the streets & public realm will be non-existent. The quality of the proposal evident so far does not exhibit any real joined up thinking & threatens to squander a potential world-class opportunity Nominated by: anon

Pub and club in former underground station (Scotland)

Area: Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Reason: Okay, this has not got full planning permission yet - but it would be a disaster for one of Glasgow's best parks. This oasis of calm in Glasgow's West End would be well and truly breached. And anyway, does this area really need more pubs? Nominated by: Angus

Southern distributor road (Scotland)

Area: West Inverness Reason: Already horrifically expanding town gets a new road to aid even more soulless modern housing estates because, er, they can. Nominated by: DM

Trumpton (Scotland)

Area: Aberdeen Reason: Donald Trumps controversial golf resort at the Menie estate, Aberdeenshire. There is concern that this is a front for a large housing scheme. Design concerns, now in the hands of Gareth Hoskins. Ecological worries about impact on unspoilt coastline. Originally rejected by councillors this was overturned by the government. Martin Ford sacked after using his casting vote to block the plans. Concerns over Alex Salmond’s relationship with Trump. Nominated by: Donnie A despicable decision to approve this outrageous scheme on an SSI G Simpson For the insult to democracy this should trump the lot clare symonds It will be terrible for Aberdeenshire. We really don't need a world class hotel and golf resort. All those new jobs during a recession will ruin us. It seems to be people who are not from Aberdeenshire who are against the plan. Martin Fords from england FFS. Andrew Wilkinson Just what Aberdeenshire needs Hundreds of unaffordable houses, sorry chalets, and yet another golf course. Does this now mean that whenever a developer waves a cheque book that Aberdeenshire councils and the Scottish Government will simply grab the cash and allow anything to go ahead despite long term negative impacts for sustainability and environment. What example does this give to the rest of the world?? The average person in Aberdeenshire probably won't even be able to afford to play there anyway? Adam Democracy is dead! Money talks! a.mitchell Thanks for highlighting this sorry episode Debra Storr Cant wait for a round. Bringing in money and jobs. Making Aberdeen an even more attractive area for Golf Tourism. Oil wont last forever. Bloddy NIMBYS. im from the area in question and I am in full suppport. Colin St NigelT - this proves that you have not a clue about this area. Kitty Aye, but what a view i will get when im putting out on the 18th green! C disgraceful decision to build a SSSI. Martin Ford made the correct decision and was vilified for it. If this had been any other developer - no way ! six storey Bangkok hilton in the middle of the North East coastline which will be seen for 20 miles - how is that in keeping with the area , like we need more golf courses ! The environment and dunes mean nothing to the council Rhonda Reekie A vanity project by an American at the expense of one of Scotland's still wild and unspoiled places. Fiona Anderson It goes to show that when it comes to the crunch the natural world and all its beauty and wonder comes second to money. Awful decision Percy The Trump has bullied his way into Government. The Democratic process in Planning is dead! Judy Pringle Disgusting decision, it will destroty a unique environment and bring very little in the way of skilled jobs. Many companies in Aberdeen struggle to fill low-skilled posts as it is! Complete nonsense that some have unfortunately swallowed, hook, line and sinker. JohnB This application is out of all proportion for the aite and will destroy the integrity of an otherwise unmodified and important dune system Charles Gimingham Just shows that if you've got the cash that you can do what you want. He has made us scots look like absolute fools. The designs are in no way inkeeping with our heritage and it looks more like a disney resort than a golf club and how this will be good for the locals is beyond belief, will they actually be able to afford to play on this resort? Emma Whitehead A bankrupt council selling Scotland's 'legally protected' natural heritage for dirty dollars. NigelT A low integrity decision designed to benefit the ego of a bad developer and some biased politicians. The end result is a tarnished reputation for the area and the loss of a unique landscape. In a time of environmental awareness and a growing understanding of teh integrity issue in government many politicians who have supported this decision will learn to regret their position. David Milne An unbelievable appproval in a totally inappropriate place. What price long term sustainable development with this sort of decision! Cate Aye, but what a view i will get when I tee off and hole out!! C. St

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