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Easterhouse scrubland to host stone effect care complex

July 7 2021

Easterhouse scrubland to host stone effect care complex

Plans drawn up by 31/44 Architects show how a gap-site at Findochty Street, Easterhouse, could provide care and on-site supported living accommodation.

Voyage Care propsoe to build twin apartment buildings within shared communal gardens containing 12 flats each to support people undergoing brain injury rehabilitation as well as learning disabilities. Bridging land between Glasgow Fort and a suburban residential estate the care complex will be joined by a 16-bed care home to provide a stepping stone to independence for residents.

Outlining their site strategy the architects wrote: "The character of the proposal is purposefully residential; of domestic scale, familiar and welcoming rather than institutional. We have used materials similar to the neighbouring buildings but have worked hard to give the design an architectural character which is specific to the site and is not generic.

"We think it is beneficial to the area if the character of the proposed buildings provide visual interest and help generate a sense of place. To reinforce the reading of the buildings as a group the buildings share similar materials and language, but feature subtle variations to give each building its own discernible identity."

All buildings will be finished in alternating smooth and rough natural sand coloured render with dark red sandstone tile forming a ground floor plinth in a nod to historic civic buildings in the area such as Gartloch Hospital

A large sunken garden will provide resident amenity while also mitigating against flood risk
A large sunken garden will provide resident amenity while also mitigating against flood risk
Stone effect render and red sandstone tiles evoke the areas historic built heritage
Stone effect render and red sandstone tiles evoke the areas historic built heritage


#1 Posted by Brian on 7 Jul 2021 at 17:34 PM
Excellent idea, I live less than 30 metres from the site in the new houses. The gap site is an eyesore and this stepping stone idea for independent living isn't done enough.Would have hoped for something more uplifting for the residents of the building in terms of design but with transient residents, utility is important.
#2 Posted by Niki on 9 Jul 2021 at 11:58 AM
I live at the junction across the site too. I have been so wishing that team working for 7lochs could help make a lovely local community park by tiding up the woods. There is none in the area. There were indication of several parks and connected green spaces in masterplan for area when Persimmon initially started. But all seem to have disappear and thinned down to scrubby suds! This proposed site is densely packed with mature trees and sounds of chirping birds. Believe, there's Voles too! which are protected species.
Site's neglection have been attracting fly tipping along the edges, and occasional fire by kids, so perhaps not a bad idea to see it getting utilised for some good cause, and not just more persimmon housing. But would like to see that the proposed development is good quality, not overtly dense, and enhances the green network and offer of the area.
Tbvh the images of the blocks shown looks scary! 3 stories facades with dull fenestration, and no setbacks are right in the face of houses. Don't see any respect to connect with the surrounding buildings. And materials! We have enough of white render around by Persimmon that is already showing stains in less than 10 years. So would like to see some genuine effort there too. Enhancement of path network should also be considered, as there is great potential to open up connection towards GESH/ community centre and Findocty street at other end. And not the least for developing a good greenspaces that neighbours can admire if not enter.
Is the planning application already in?

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