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Leisure club breaks ground at burgeoning Shawfair development

November 24 2022

Leisure club breaks ground at burgeoning Shawfair development

Work has begun on the delivery of a new leisure club at Shawfair, Midlothian, designed by Sheffield-based Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson.

Scheduled to open next summer the David Lloyd leisure centre combines health and fitness facilities centred on a giant 100-piece plus gym. An outdoor pool, PVC tennis dome and spa garden are also provided.

The club also includes an indoor cycling studio and a cafe/bar, a business hub and an indoor soft play area.

In a design statement, the architects observed: "Because of the size of the proposed development it was important to visually break up the building's volume to bring it down to a more human scale.

"A feature finish rain screen cladding element will highlight the building's entrance. This element of the building is in slight relief from the facade and faces out to those entering through the car park, wrapping around the building onto the outdoor pool/terrace elevation."

Approved in April 2021 the club is located at Shawfair Park adjacent to Sheriffhall park & ride, with 245 parking spots.  

Outdoor racquet courts and a tennis dome are included
Outdoor racquet courts and a tennis dome are included


#1 Posted by FHM on 24 Nov 2022 at 14:38 PM
Just to clarify, there are 245 new car-parking spaces being built for a gym BESIDE an existing car-park all to serve a gym? So people drive to an existing car-park, then pass the existing car-park and drive to a new car-park beside the existing car-park, then leave their car, and walk to the gym, then repeat in reverse? Every. Single. Time. They. Use. The. Gym.

No wonder the planet is goosed when people make non essential journeys by car to get to a gym. You could not make that up. I am not sure what is worse; the sheer laziness of folk, the sheer stupidity of having a car-park built beside a car-park or the lack of design on display. Lose lose for all.
Parking Pedant
#2 Posted by Parking Pedant on 24 Nov 2022 at 15:58 PM
#1 I don't disagree with the sentiment of your post but presumably, Sheriffhall Park and Ride (561 spaces according to Edinburgh Council) is reserved for those parking there in order to get a bus into Edinburgh City Centre? That said, I have never seen it full so maybe it could have potentially served the new gym as well.
#3 Posted by Lovely on 27 Nov 2022 at 14:00 PM
Very wise words #1, no doubt will be ignored though because the truth hurts too much. Everyone talks about sustainability but most people still drive around in little tin boxes on pointless journeys. Need to up the game or stop pretending.

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