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Design guide underpins the delivery of energy-efficient affordable homes

November 24 2022

Design guide underpins the delivery of energy-efficient affordable homes

A new design guide promoting standardised affordable housing has been published to drive energy efficiency.

Conceived by the Edinburgh Home Demonstrator (EHD) programme the guide covers flats, houses and cottage flats, illustrating how off-site manufacturing can deliver improved performance.

Developed by Anderson Bell + Christie the £1m programme centres on a pilot project in Granton comprising 75 net zero carbon apartments.

Delivered by CCG the project implements common floorplans and zero gas heating systems and is due to complete next summer.

Ainslie McLaughin, chair of the EHD project board, said: “The flats we are delivering in Granton will be highly energy efficient and will also encourage residents to make low carbon lifestyle choices in relation to services like transport and travel.

“A key output of the pilot project is the evidence we will collect on the performance of the homes. Not only will it inform the next stages of building work here in Edinburgh and the City Deal but it could also influence future designs and procurement practices across all of Scotland’s affordable housing.”

Data gathered from the trial will be used to inform the delivery of affordable homes across the city and region.  

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#1 Posted by Realist on 28 Nov 2022 at 15:02 PM
I'm pretty sure every firm in Glasgow is preparing one of these.

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