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Parkland push revitalises brownfield land in Dalmarnock

November 23 2022

Parkland push revitalises brownfield land in Dalmarnock

Clyde Gateway has cut the ribbon on a £3.1m park in Dalmarnock, as part of ongoing efforts to revitalise vacant and derelict land.

Facilitating direct access to the Clyde Walkway Riverside Park introduces a network of footpaths to the river, improving access and amenity with landscaped areas, play spaces and lighting. Improving connectivity with surrounding residential neighbourhoods the green space can be accessed from Solway Street, off Carstairs Street.

Enhancing the desirability of neighbouring land for commercial and residential development the park, designed by Ares landscape architects, includes 5,000 sqm of shrubbery and 45 trees.

Clyde Gateway board member Rosie Robertson said: “The park’s design opens up views of the River Clyde, maximising its proximity to the water. It’s really important to us that we support as many people as possible to access the park, one of the reasons why lighting has been installed throughout, making it brighter and safer."

Further work is taking place at Old Dalmarnock Road, where a 5.7-acre site is being turned into an active greenspace.  

Terraced pathways draw pedestrians down to the riverbank
Terraced pathways draw pedestrians down to the riverbank


James Hepburn
#1 Posted by James Hepburn on 23 Nov 2022 at 13:32 PM
£3.1 million for that! What a rip off.
Fat Bloke on Tour
#2 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 23 Nov 2022 at 14:09 PM
5000m2 of shrubbery and 45 trees -- just over an acre of greenery and we are supposed to be thankful that it only cost £3.1mill?

Surely questions have to be asked regarding where all the money goes if this is what we get in return?

Who did the work and what was the contract value -- surely someone will put their head above the parapet and admit to signing the contract?

I wonder what the cost will be for the much larger 5.7 acre site -- £15mill?

I really shouldn't have put in that figure -- it will only give them ideas.

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