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Yasmin Ali

Urbanism // Design

Preview: SHBT Lecture series 2023

March 28th, 2023

The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) is a charitable organisation focusing on historic and heritage architecture, and is the largest organisation of its kind in Scotland. They have saved and enabled the restoration of twenty-five significant Scottish buildings, including its base at Riddle’s Court, off the Royal Mile, also known as The Patrick Geddes Centre, where they hold their events and lecture series. They have recently announced on their social media channels, their Spring Lecture series, which includes two speakers a month, featuring aspects of local architectural and urban social history.

The talks are available for in-person and online viewing and feature a range of knowledgeable speakers, including professors and historians. The Spring series of six lectures mostly focuses on the rich history of The Tron Kirk, sited on The Royal Mile, a few minutes walk from Riddle's Court.  Some of the talks also include a walk to the nearby Tron and its surroundings, including the upcoming walk and talk led by John Lowrey: 'Puddings, Printing and Palladianism: The Tron in its Context' on 26th April. It is sure to be an interesting way to spend a Springtime evening. 

Preview: SHBT Lecture series 2023

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