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Dynamic Stasis

University of Dundee architecture degree show

September 9th, 2021

When we left the studio in the Matthew Building in March 2020 we couldn’t have imagined that it would’ve been September 2021 before we could look forward to getting back in to the building for a ‘normal’ version of studio teaching, but so it turned out.

Of course the impact of the pandemic has been profound; and teaching or learning architecture online is only a slight inconvenience when compared to the costs for so many families. But nonetheless it has been difficult, many students were isolated for much of the year; working at home and missing out on the special collaborative environment that characterises the architecture studio in Dundee.

The success of the online teaching process was partly due to the organisational dexterity shown by those running the course, the year-group leaders, and the tutors. But really, more than anything, it was down to the adaptability, resilience, and bloody-minded determination of all the students. The quality of their work in these circumstances is testament to their amazing diligence and inspiring creativity.

The work shown here is selected from Dynamic Stasis which itself is an extract of the great work produced throughout the school.

Well done everyone - see you back in the studio soon!

Jamie Brown - Architect/Director, Moving Still Architecture


Images in order of appearance:

Year 1 / Abdu Mahdi 'Enclosure'. Sketches and model photographs.

Year 2 / Archie Read 'A Place of Solitude'. External render.

Year 3 / Monika Walawender 'Faith Between Earth and Sky'. Interior view of church room.

Year 4 / Jiahui Li 'Solomo Hitchhiker in Colon, Panama'. Parallel perspective.

Year 5 / Veera Kivela 'The Other and the Morphology of Absence / Building a Feminist Neighbourhood in Dundee'. Rendered aerial view.

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