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Chris Stewart

Collective Architecture's Chris Stewart discusses his overlapping roles as architect and member of the Scottish Ecological Design Association in promoting green design to a wider audience.

A Guide to Being Unsustainable - Climate Alarmism by Donald Clarkson

December 16th, 2018

‘Snow falls on the Coliseum in April’ read the headline and still we are told climate change is here. What is the reason for the snow, the arctic is having a heat wave this winter. There is no sun in the arctic in winter, a heat wave with no sun. It is not just this year, this is the third year in a row, with no sun. The scientists think we should believe this.

Apparently we do not understand the difference between weather and climate, weather is what we get while climate is what we expect. Everyone knows we never get what we expect, did the scientists predict sleet spoiling Easter in St Peters Square, no they did not. Will the sun rise tomorrow or do we predict it will rise tomorrow. Is the Pope a Catholic or do we predict he is a Catholic.

So who was in charge of these scientists, who was the high predictor, that will be John Charles Beale, senior policy adviser of the Environmental Protection Agency to the United States Goverment. And what is John Charles Beale best known for, scrupulous science and a search for the truth. No the guy responsible for explaining why the Tiber freezes in Spring, is a convicted fraudster.

This is not new, when ever society sets an established view, in this case climate change, along comes someone who disagrees and is subjected to abjure, curse and detest. The best known is Galileo Galilei who was trialled and convicted in 1633 for supporting the Copernican theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The Catholic Church immediately chastised him, he denies the scriptures, he places the Sun at the centre of the universe, burn him. Poor old Galileo was found guilty of heresy and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The same is happening today and the biggest farce is that scientists studying climate change have actually enlisted the help of the Flat Earth Society, yes a Flat Earth also suffers from climate change! Galileo would revolve in his grave.

You are still not convinced, you don’t even believe Galileo. Tell me then what was the best selling science book of last year, was it ‘How do we tackle Climate Change’ or ‘How to Save a Planet’ no it was ‘Shackled’; Chris Turney’s environmental best seller, a true account of an epic voyage to Antarctic waters. In 2013 Mr Turney, the acclaimed Professor of Earth Science and Climate Change, galavanted southwards to measure the melting of glaciers in Antartica and got stuck in thick ice. ‘Ship of Cold Fools’ ran the headlines, ‘From Melt Down to Iced In’ went the stories, ‘Scientists with Red Faces and Blue Feet’ they laughed. Mr Turney explains the disaster with his own personal brand of science, ‘climate change has caused dramatic changes to currents and winds in and around Antartica. These changes have resulted in warm water melting the ice from below and undercutting vast glaciers. That is making them melt and everyone knows that fresh water freezes more quickly than salt water’. In other words the ice turned back into ice however somehow got bigger. The Huffinton Post described Shackled or ‘How a scientific expedition to Antartica became a fight for survival’, as a bloody good read and apparently Mr Turney held back from eating penguins unlike the real Shackleton. Hooray for the eco system.

Why should we the public trust the media, false news has been with us for years. Cheap slanderous pamphlets led to the American War of Independence, while more recently we know Nasa’s moon landings were stage set, the Sun newspaper spoke the truth about Hillsborough and that Barack Obama is not a native born American. Our post truth political world relegates facts to a concern of secondary importance, simply take a look at Brexit and the US presidential election. It is no longer important whether Donald Trump was correct in stating that ‘Climate Change is a Chinese invention in order to make U.S. manufacturing non competitive’, what is important is what I think and I have to agree.

A Guide to Being Unsustainable part 1 has recently been published and includes Climate Alarmism by Donald Clarkson. Part 2 is now under development and when finished the two guides will be combined to form a lifestyle Colour Supplement to help us all tune into our changing world. It will include fashion, travel, your money, relationship advice, film reviews and a horoscope. The publication started a year ago with the original blog, if you want to find out more try …….

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