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Urban Realm Blogs

Urban Realm Blogs

September 4th, 2009

Welcome to the Urban Realm blogs, home to the web’s liveliest commentators and hottest debates. Within these pages our correspondents will bring you up to speed on the latest developments to hit our built environment, bringing a unique blend of insight, travel and humour to the issues of the day.

Mark Chalmers
Mark Chalmers lives in North-eastern Scotland. He's an architect and writer who has worked on theatres, a giant wheel, and a whisky distillery- he has also written for Prospect, Leopard and A+W magazines, amongst others.

Chris Stewart: The art of green design
A look at the aesthetics and practicalities of green design.

Ian McKee
GLM's co-founder Ian McKee spearheaded the redevelopment of John O' Groats and is an expert in the master planning of leisure and tourism destinations. A recent head of the Building Surveying Professional Group of RICS Scotland, he was elevated to Fellow of RICS in 2012 and is currently senior vice chairman of RICS Scotland.

Stuart Falconer
Stuart Falconer is an Architect at GRAS, part of Groves-Raines Architects. Here he records some of his experiences in practice and highlights some things GRAS think are interesting.