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Edinburgh Park goes green in workplace wellbeing drive

May 5 2022

Edinburgh Park goes green in workplace wellbeing drive

Early concepts for a 'new kind of workplace' have been aired for the former RBS HQ at Edinburgh Park as part of an evolving southern extension of the office district.

Shelborn Asset Management with 7N Architects propose to transform the site of the existing Drummond House by erecting a network of new office buildings to frame a large central park.

Edinburgh Green extends an ongoing push to densify the area by establishing an urban street frontage together with a public park which will include a mobility hub for pulling together active, public and electric travel options. To further green the area remaining car park provision will be concealed below landscaped decks.

In a statement, the applicant wrote: "The proposals respond to the significant shift in occupier priorities for workspaces to a focus on wellbeing and sustainability, in alignment with Edinburgh’s pathway to Net Zero.

"In contrast to the existing site, which is dominated by low density suburban office buildings and surface car parking, there is the opportunity to deliver sustainable buildings that offer a diverse range of workspaces, enclosing a rich and varied park landscape."

The Younger Building is to be refurbished as part of the works to help minimise unnecessary demolition.

A full planning application is expected this summer. 

As many as 6,000 homes are proposed in an adjacent development by Parabola
As many as 6,000 homes are proposed in an adjacent development by Parabola


#1 Posted by Robert on 5 May 2022 at 17:09 PM
Having worked in Drummond House when it first opened in 1992, it seems incredibly ungreen to demolish the building after 30 years - surely some use could be made of the existing building. Happy that better use of the grounds is proposed, as the car park is huge.
#2 Posted by TepidMouse on 6 May 2022 at 18:27 PM
Is this what we are to be subjected to in Edinburgh moving forward? A bland, “out-of-town” sprawl-fest? As other Scottish and European cities realise the need for pulling their cities in to the centre, Edinburgh does the opposite. Who, in 5 years time, wants to be driving to an office block? Nobody. All offices should be centrally placed, nearby to everything that’s important to human beings. Edinburgh Park should be flattened! This is awful.

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